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Venezuelan General Strike
  Dear custumers, suppliers and friends: On dec. 2nd /2003 a general strike started in Venezuela and continued for more than 60 days. Unidet's contingency plan included: 1) Stocking a wharehouse in Miami, Fl. with an excess of 45 days of supplies, to continue with uninterrupted shipments to the Caribbean and the U.S. markets. 2) Stocking 30 days inventory to supply key retailers in Venezuela. 3) Contracted manufacturers in North America as alternate source of supplies and sent key personnel abroad to monitor quality control, formulations and packaging. Additional costs of manufacturing, shipping and duties will be absorbed by Unidet after Feb. 22nd. Even though, the general strike is over and many companies resumed operations, PDVSA the Venezuelan oil Co. and supplier of critical raw materials is still unopperative. The Venezuelan government has also imposed a Foreign Exchange Control and imports of raw material into Venezuela will be possible only after the supply of foreign currency is resumed. Please apologize for any inconvenience you may have with our shipments, but rest assured that every effort will be made to solve it. Unidet is commited to continue being a reliable supplier to your detergent needs. Best Regards, Carlos Eduardo Martinez COO

Feb. 27, 2002    Guarenas plant expansion completed. Andrés Merola, Unidet's plant administrator reported, in a brief press conference, that after a year of revamping and upgrading the spray tower, capacity has been raised to about 100 MT per day. "The process was cumbersome, due to ongoing plant operations that could not be interrupted. Everything was put in place until december holidays, when a team worked around the clock to finish the instalation before the end of collective vacations. Thanks to the great work mistique demonstrated by the special task force, the project was succesfully completed". Mr. Merola, made clear that for the next 2 months, the same team is working on a very ambitious project that will turn Unidet Group's Detergentes Caracas into the most environmentally friendly detergent plant in the world!

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